Today’s efforts at life drawing. Dealing with the head.

~20 min charcoal.

New display picture!

Was well and truly time to update this!

Colour may yet change but we’ll see!

Class time zombie!

First night of life drawing for uni.

~40 min charcoal

So I finally got off my butt and got around to doing another small thing for Loop De Loop!

If you like it, give it some stars here!

Puppet progress!

Phillip is all ready and waiting to have his body covered in liquid latex.

The alien looking head is actually missing a nose and should look a lot more human once it’s added.

I’m using this weird clay called Fimo, an air drying clay. But it won’t stick to foil, which is the base of the head and so bubbles around, making it hard to model the heads properly.

If your interested in more of the process that I’m using to make these puppets, let me know. I’m roughly following a tutorial from youtube, but also very much making it up as I go.

Some WIP photos of my first puppet for my major film next semester!

I’m pretty pleased with how it’s turning out. Need to now cut back the foam and carve it into shape, then do the legs and feet.I also like how it can stand up on itself!

This guy

Here’s a little sketch I did on the way home from MIAF


A short making of video of the “FOOLED BY YOUR GUTS” music video with comentary from the directors Cameron Jones and Nick Simpson

Also here’s the first making of!