Have you checked out my latest show reel yet?

Have a look here!


Have a look at my new show reel!

Song - Murdena “Who Knew”

Check out this short snippet of my major film!

Plenty more to come!

Sketch from on the train.

Woah look! I did another loop for Loop de loop!

Check it out here and give it some stars!


Prime Cuts by Sam Huf


A mild mannered butcher is just about ready to prepare some fresh pork when he is interrupted by a customer who, unfortunately, turns out to be more trouble than she is worth.


Hey it’s my stuff!

If you’re in Melbourne in November, make sure to come to check out my graduate screening! Where myself and a whole bunch of other lovely people will be showing their unreal work!

Quick sneak peek of bigger and greater things to come!

Today’s efforts at life drawing. Dealing with the head.

~20 min charcoal.

New display picture!

Was well and truly time to update this!

Colour may yet change but we’ll see!

Class time zombie!