Puppet progress!

Phillip is all ready and waiting to have his body covered in liquid latex.

The alien looking head is actually missing a nose and should look a lot more human once it’s added.

I’m using this weird clay called Fimo, an air drying clay. But it won’t stick to foil, which is the base of the head and so bubbles around, making it hard to model the heads properly.

If your interested in more of the process that I’m using to make these puppets, let me know. I’m roughly following a tutorial from youtube, but also very much making it up as I go.



Tankard “FOOLED BY YOUR GUTS” Music Video created by students at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia as part of the Bachelor of Design (Animation & Interactive Media) program.

Directors: Cameron Jones & Nick Simpson

Editor: Matt Mettes

Background Painter: Chloe Pierce

Animators: Hugh Freeman, Sam Huf, Daniel Hughes, Cameron Jones, Brad Jordan, Vanessa Law, Aaron McDonald, Sasha Mutch, Jimmy Neilson, Vivienne Ng, Ben Ommundson, Nicole Pickering, Chloe Pierce, Andy Saw, Nick Simpson, Elle Walker, Vito Wijaya.

Producers: Aaron McLoughlin & Simon Norton

Check out the amazing music video done by a class of our fellow students!

Check out this sweet music video that I was a part of! Kudos to everyone who was involved!